September 9, 2008

2008 Summer Cruising

This Summer, we were ready to venture out farther than we had in 2007.  Consequently, we spent 51 continuous days out on True North, in July and August and travelled ~1,200 nautical miles and went north to Desolation Sound.

True North continued to perform very well!  Many thanks to the people who built her and commissioned her at Jet Tern (Selene) and Selene Yacht Services.

This Summer, I picked up new “crew” every 10 days or so.

Crew was comprised of high school/college/Army buddies primarily, along with local friends and family. 13 of us in total and the furthest traveler from Japan. To share the good times aboard True North with so many friends is what made the Summer as great as it was.  Many thanks to Les and YH and Tim and Tyler and Will and Madison and Bob B and Autie and Sheila and Bob T and Dan and Rick.

We cruised from Seattle to the San Juan Islands to the Gulf Islands to Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast to Princess Louisa and finally to Desolation Sound:

 -- Seattle, LaConnor, Anacortes, Rosarios, Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, Sucia Is, Stuart Is, Victoria, Sydney, Ganges, Telegraph Harbor, Chemainus, Clam Harbor, Vancouver, Indian Arm, Howe Sound, Snug Cove, Secret Cove, Pender Harbor, Princess Louisa, Ballet Bay in Blind Bay, Powell River, and all the usual suspects in Desolation Sound.

 -- We took our time, as you can tell.

 -- Other than for crew changes, we anchored out ~70% of the time; much more often than last Summer.

Our most efficient cruising is still ~6.5 knots an hour at 1550 RPM and we still get ~2.5 nautical miles a gallon and burn ~2.5 gallons an hour.

This Summer we recorded 200 hours of driving time and about 1,200 nautical miles or 1,380 statute miles.

In '09, we look forward to going to The Broughtons.  


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